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Petticoat Quilt

When I was baptized at 8, my Mom made me a dress for the reception afterwards.  It was peach moire with puffed sleeves, trimmed with lace.  The back of the skirt curved open like two flower petals and underneath was layer after layer of delicate white lace.  With patent leather shoes, and dried baby's breath placed in my braids to top off the look, (yes, you can laugh!) I felt really special in that dress!   Lace underskirts seemed to be something my Mom made for me often.  Baby clothes with ruffle bums, and a gingham dress with lace on the pinafore and underskirt come to mind!
Studying design and the history of clothing in University, I had the opportunity to swoon and sigh over numberless underskirts and petticoats from simple to exceptional and extravagant.  Gah!  I loved those days!
A digital rendering of the Crib size included in the pattern
Since I've had girls of my own, lace has always been a special part of my daughters' special dresses.  I've made sure of that!  I have a little collection of vintage laces, and often look for ways to use them when making things for my girls.

This design is inspired by embellished skirts with layer upon layer of scalloped lace.  I had been dreaming of this design for awhile before I was able to find a curved template that would assist in making it.  A couple of weeks after the Classic Curves Ruler's debut at Spring Market 2017, I discovered it and knew it would work for this design.  It is such a great ruler, and Sharon has made some incredible quilt patterns using the CCR.  I had the privilege of meeting her at  Fall Market and I totally admire her style and the masterful way she designs patterns with her ruler!
Once you've sufficiently admired the incredible free motion quilting by Dara Tomasson, ;) can you find the block?  It's just a simple square block with a curve on one corner.  Blocks are arranged on point to give you this scalloped effect.  I was so excited to make this design with our June's Cottage prints!
This quilt comes together so fast!  Inner and outer curves are cut from the same square of fabric and that takes a couple steps; but then after sewing one curved seam, trim the block with the help of the 'true-up template' provided, and the block is complete!
Since it releases today, we're doing a giveaway as per usual, (!) but Sharon at Color Girl Quilting is making it even better, by adding the Classic Curves Ruler to the giveaway!!!

Come to Instagram or Facebook, follow us, and tag a friend.  One friend per entry and a total of five entries allowed at both locations.  Giveaway will close on Friday at 10pm EST, and I'll announce a winner on Saturday.  The winner and her tagged friend will win a free pattern, AND will both be sent a Classic Curves Ruler!  Good luck!!!
Also, the Petticoat pattern will be 25% off until Monday am.  Use the code NEWPATTERN.
Here are some ways I'd love to play out this pattern in the future, but you're welcome to beat me to it!  As per usual, there's a colouring page included in the pattern, so you can plan out your colour placement before you get started.  Whether you see a nautical themed ocean wave quilt, or a stormy sky, an ombre layout, scallops of different colours or something completely different, tag us!  I'd love to see what you create with this pattern!

Dapper Quilt

Free, quick, and easy to make successfully!

That would be my tag line for this quilt!  You can download this free pattern from the RJR website.

And, please enjoy this video by Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy!  She has made Dapper in our June's Cottage Prints!

We love to see what everyone is making with our fabric!  You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook  Please feel welcome to share your #junescottagefabric creations online!

Arbitrary Artwork

Here another piece that I did today. What I’m loving about this new-ish style is that it’s so much more arbitrary. The word arbitrary is just the perfect word for this. It means: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

And that’s exactly how I tackle this style. Rather than approaching a painting with a set plan (bouquet of pink roses, pattern of evenly dispersed blooms, etc), this style forces me to just go with the flow and do whatever feels natural. Sometimes that means splatters. Sometimes that means random, meaningless strokes for the sake of the composition. It’s fun and playful and very freeing.

The Struggles of an Artist: the Elusive Lucky Break

Everyone knows the expression "the starving artist". The awful truth is that that is, more often not, accurate. Having gone to college alongside the a whole range of artists I can tell you that even the geniuses out there and the most talented of creators still struggle to make ends meet without a lucky break. It's so tragic. It's not like any other industry. Hard work and talent will not guarantee success and that hurts my heart. If you're a doctor and you work hard and you're talented, you'll succeed. There will always be a need and a way to rise up. If you're a McDonald's worker, and you work hard and you're talented at what you do, you can climb your way up the ladder. That's not always the case with artists. I saw an article last week on Facebook, which was telling adults to inform their youngsters that they don't all have to go to college, pursue academics and become wildly wealthy and successful professionals. It wanted us to encourage them to work with their hands, and to master their blue-collared craft. At first, I admit, I thought the same thing. Being an artist myself, who daily works with her hands, I would love to tell my own kids that they should go for it and they can become very successful and prosperous craftsmen. I've been thinking a lot about it lately actually. My business partner, Julia, and I constantly talk about what more we can do. How can we improve? What new things should we try? How can we get more followers? Which social media avenues should we focus on now? What's popular now? How many hours a day can we devote to this and still have sane families and homes?

And the more I follow others who, at least on the surface, appear to be successful, boasting tens of thousands (or MORE) of followers on Instagram and sales and lots of different ways they're making money with their talent/products, the more I think: they've had their LUCKY BREAK. That's it. They haven't necessarily cracked the social media code. (Although geniuses like Emily Dennis really have!) They don't necessarily have a better looking feed, or more stories, or more Pinterest posts. Their photography skills haven't boosted their following an extra 50%. While I agree that all of those things are important and can in fact 'up' your following a lot,  I truly believe that there are thousands of us creatives that work and work and work to do our best and follow all of the 'rules' and we're still just plugging away gaining about 4 followers a day. That is UNTIL some big shot comes along and says, "yup, it's their turn", and gives you a LUCKY BREAK. Until then, we'll keep plugging away, trying new things, and showing our best. For example, today I tried something slightly new; a little more energetic, and little more freestyle and I absolutely love it! Check it out:

Nathan, my dear husband (and Julia's younger brother), says it reminds him of 1980s make up. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!